Collection Management

Most collectors we interact with are at the proverbial “fork in the road” regarding their collection. In the “honeymoon” phase, years 1 – 2, it is incredibly easy to be mesmerized by the initial allure into automobile collecting - we are all guilty of it! By year three or four, most collectors are beginning to realize they have amassed five or more automobiles with no association or affiliation to one another. If this resonates, let us help you manage your collection from an experience-based position while helping you learn from our own and other’s past transgressions.

Questions to ask yourself prior to purchasing an automobile for collection:

We have a passionate team with connections to the collector car world that have the capacity to source most any automobile, foreign, domestic, rare, or common.

  • We can assist you in deciding a direction to take with your vehicle. Depending on many factors, most importantly your preference, this could mean the vehicle undergoing a complete restoration, but sometimes only part of the car needs attention. In the case of vehicle preservation, we pay close attention to “preserve” originality and maintain the car in a way that does not disturb the authenticity.
  • We can self-perform or facilitate the restoration of the automobile and oversee the work being performed. We have in-house experts and an extensive network of professionals that we work with very closely to ensure your vehicle is cared for with its final intent in mind.
  • We also can help you walk your car through the entire judging process, from start to finish. Alternatively, we can take care of the entire process, so all that you must do as the owner is show up to the event, enjoy the show and talk about your car. We handle the rest, such as car prep and fully insured transportation to and from the event.
  • As another aspect of collection management, we are also capable of storing your car in between events.